Oficial distributor of Thinking Cooking production in Baltic states - UAB EUROPOLA.

We're passionate about making your life easier in the kitchen - without sacrificing on flavours.

So we have developed a range of products that will help you out.... steam-cooking bagsfor the oven/microwavenylon oven roasting bagsslow-cooker liners, absorbent grill linersbarbecue bags, incredible fresh fruit and veg bagsdeli-style food bags - even potato bakers for crisping spuds in the microwave.

We believe time is precious. But just because hectic family life means you only have a few minutes to create a meal sensation, Thinking-Cooking  allows you to use those minutes carefully. Fast food can be healthy and tasty - don't believe us, just give some of our products a go and you soon will.

Our products are aimed at quality. From cooking bags to potato bakers, all our products will significantly enhance the quality of your food. All are top quality.

But it is not all about cutting down cooking times, how about trying our BBQ- and cut down significantly on the time spent cleaning up...Thinking-Cooking bags will leave you with a stunning meal but far less washing up. How about nylon Roasting Bags - crisp up the meat, reduce cooking times and cut down on cleaning?

Or how about using our amazing bags to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce? Like many of our products, they will actually help you save money. The less food you end up throwing away the less you spend at the supermarket. They're fully compostable & biodegradable, in fact they tick every environmental box going.

Thinking-Cooking... Quality matters. We're thinking on your behalf.