Oven/microwave steam cooking bags

Q. Why use an oven/microwave steam cooking bag? What are the benefits?

A. Using a Si-bag Meal-Maker or Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch has a number of benefits. The food steam cooks, so it is one of the healthiest ways of cooking. In many cases, particularly with seafood and some vegetables, its the best way of cooking. The food cooks it its own juices, retaining all the flavours. The food can be ready in a matter of minutes in the microwave... and you can get creative, just pop all the ingredients in the bag!


Q. What are the Si-bag Meal-Maker and the Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch made from?

A. The Si-bag Meal-Maker and the Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch are made from very high temperature-resistant and naturally self-venting films.


Q. Do I need to pierce the Si-bag Meal-Maker or the Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch before cooking?

A. No. The bags will expand during cooking as steam is released and pressure in the bag increases. This is a good thing since it will prevent the bag sticking to the food and create a perfect cooking environment inside the bag. When the pressure reaches a specific level, steam will gently escape through the adhesive seal to prevent bursting.

Q. Will the bag open at all in the microwave or oven?

A. Yes, as just mentioned in the previous answer, when the pressure reaches a certain level, the bag will vent slightly, allowing steam to gently escape through the adhesive seal. This is a controlled venting, and is supposed to happen. If the bag didn't open and vent, the steam build-up would be tremendous and the bag would blow-open. The bag should vent only enough to allow the steam to escape, and not anything else.

Q. What can I cook in a Si-bag Meal-Maker or a Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch?

A. Anything that can be steam cooked. You can cook seafood, poultry, vegetables and fruit based desserts. The food steam cooks in its own juices, adding to the flavour. There needs to be some liquid, either added or in the product you are cooking, in order to create steam.


Q. What temperature can I cook the Si-bag Meal-Maker and the Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch at?

A. Both bags are suitable for an oven up to 200 degrees, but we advise around 180 degrees is perfect.


Q. Can I freeze the Si-bag Meal-Maker or the Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch?

A. Yes, both bags can be filled, sealed and frozen for subsequent cooking. Just make sure you follow the normal procedure for defrosting whatever you placed inside.


Q. Does it matter which way up the bag goes when I put it in the microwave or oven?

A. No, it will make no difference whatsoever.


Q. Do I need to remove any of the air from the bag when I put the food in?

A. No, you don't. You simply need to seal the bag.


Q. How do I open the bag once it is cooked?

A. Leave it to stand for a minute, and then cut it open with scissors. Beware of the hot contents when you do, steam can be very hot.


Oven/microwave steam cooking bags

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