Roasting Bags

Q. What is the roasting bag made of?

A. The Thinking-Cooking Roasting-Bag is made of nylon


Q. Why is your roasting bag better than others on the market?

A. Nylon is the perfect material for cooking in the oven at the temperatures you would cook a roast at for a sustained period of time. Cheaper products will go brittle and eventually fall apart when exposed to higher-temperatures in the oven, especially if there for a long time when cooking a larger bird or joint of meat. Nylon, on the other hand, is stronger and more durable. Our blend of nylon is also virtually non-stick, whereas other products will take much of the skin with them when you remove the packaging. Our bags are also better for browning the roast. 


Q. How do I use the bag for the best possible results?

A. If cooking a chicken or a turkey we would recommend the following. Tie a loose knot in the bag. Pierce the top once as a vent (make sure it is the top so nothing can leak) and then cook as normal. Cut open the bag about 20 minutes before finished in order to brown the meat to perfection.


Q. What can I cook in the roasting bag?

A. Although we sell two sizes - chicken and turkey - the roasting bags have numerous other uses. You can use them for other joints of meat, whole fish such as salmon or trout (see below), the list is endless. The process is exactly the same. Don't forget you can add glazes, sauces, spices... whatever you need to make a tasty meal. 

Roasting Bags

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