About Thinking Cooking ...

Thinking-Cooking is a range of retail products aimed at making people's lives easier in the kitchen - without sacrificing on flavours. We believe time is precious. But just because hectic family life means you only have a few minutes to create a meal sensation, Thinking-Cooking allows customers to use those minutes carefully. Fast food can be healthy and tasty - don't believe us, just give some of our products a go and you soon will. Our products are aimed at quality. From cooking bags to potato bakers, all our products will significantly enhance the quality of your food. In fact, our Steam Cooking Bags for the oven or microwave which often leave the consumer with far better tasting food than other methods of cooking, while our BBQ/Oven Bags offer an easy way to create a meal sensation, whatever the weather. But it is not all about cutting down cooking times, how about trying our Fat-Traps - and cut down significantly on the time spent cleaning up... likewise our Slow-Cooker/Crock-Pot Liners will leave you with a stunning meal but far less washing up. How about Roasting Bags - crisp up the meat, reduce cooking times and cut down on cleaning?
 Or how about using our Incredible Fruit and Veg Bags to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce? Like many of our products, they will actually help you save money. The less food you end up throwing away the less you spend at the supermarket. They're fully biodegradable, in fact they tick every environmental box going.

Products can be purchased at all XXX  Maxima stores (map) and 

www.pigu.lt ( link to buy)